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The American Journey Dog Food brand is owned by Chewy Inc., one of the largest online stores for pet products. 4. American Journey offers grain free dog foods, limited ingredient diets, some foods with grains, kibbles and canned foods, as well as treats. Just to be clear, the FDA has not advised pet lovers to stop feeding grain free dog foods. The fish provides the kibbles with a good amount of omega fatty acids and DHA for the proper development of the eyes and brain plus a shiny coat and healthy skin. It’s also a brand that most dogs will enjoy, without many stomach issues. This page contains affiliate links. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to provide all the beneficial nutrition a dog needs while ensuring that it comes in a tasty package that he will crave. Everyday is an adventure for our furry companions, and the Brown Rice range aims to provide all the energy our pets need for their explorations. Stews In Gravy. If you aren’t familiar with American Journey dog foods, you’re in good company. These include carrots, blueberries and cranberries, all of which are filled with vitamins and antioxidants. It’s hard to ignore this advice. If you look online you will find that many owners and veterinarians were raising questions about seeing this ingredient in dog foods years ago. The cutie doggo, Alaina is not used to eating dry dog food alone, her normal diet is dry mixed with wet food. Each cup contains a caloric content of 370 kcal. Moisture – Moisture in dog food helps keep pets from dehydration, particularly those who don’t consume much water. As a group, the brand features an average protein content of 34% and a mean fat level of 14%. However, as mentioned earlier, we have seen people report that they had posted negative comments about the foods on the site and Chewy.com had removed them. To properly compare Blue Buffalo and American Journey, we'll use up-to-date nutritional and price information.. There are also prebiotic and probiotic ingredients thrown in for good digestive health. The crude fat and moisture composition is the same as that of the Plateau Blend (15% and 10% respectively), but the max fiber is a little bit higher at 3%. It has 390 kcal/cup. The disadvantages of dry dog food are the following: Wet dog food products, meanwhile, has these as its pros: The drawbacks to wet dog food are as follows: American Journey meets the AAFCO guidelines for a natural dog food with added vitamins and minerals. Since pork is considered a novel meat (less commonly fed to dogs), this formulation can be a great option for pets who are not allergic to beef but can’t tolerate some meat sources. The blend of ocean and river fish gives this formulation a distinct and rich taste. Our rating for this food is 3.5 out of 5 stars. All of their food options are quality, with some standing out slightly more than others. There’s also liver for a richer and more savory taste, not to mention it’s a good source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. American Journey Dog Food Review. In addition,pupjunkies.com is a participant in several other affiliate programs, held by other merchants. Dr. Jennifer Coates Updated: August 18, 2020 Pet Food. A higher moisture content is especially ideal for furries who are prone to kidney problems or urinary tract infections. The 6% minimum crude fiber content is excellent for keeping the colon cells and the whole digestive system healthy. Energetic pups are fully supported with complex carbohydrates found in the brown rice, bran, and other grains in this recipe. And because we didn’t want to rely on just our own dog food review to come out with our verdict, we also checked customer product reviews to gather more information. These products have been around for quite some time and there haven’t been any recalls yet as of this writing. Home » American Journey Dog Food: 2020 Review, Recalls & Coupons. The brand’s regular Grain Free line of pet food varies only in the main protein ingredients and slightly on the nutrient content. These are all canned dog food that vary in texture and number of It’s a frequent ingredient in hypoallergenic dog foods because of its novelty, and it is much richer in flavor when compared to chicken. Moisture is listed as 10% maximum, and the DHA level is .08% minimum. Itty-bitty puppies need their mega dose of proteins too, and this American Journey puppy food provides all they need to help them grow beautifully. As far as we can tell, most of American Journey’s formulas are grain free and rely on peas to replace grains in their foods. There are plenty of essential amino and omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and added vitamins and minerals but no grains, wheat, soy, poultry by-product meal, or artificial flavors and preservatives. There’s also beef broth added in to make the taste of this dog food recipe more complex, and there are plenty of superfood ingredients to provide a whole balanced meal. Alfalfa is another member of the legume family. The nutrition offered by American Journey’s dry dog food products varies but is generally above average. It’s a purposeful blend that’s inspired by the wild, with 70% of the meal consisting of natural protein and fat from meat and fish sources and the rest of the feed from nutrient-dense ingredients. Deboned Lamb, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Peas, Chickpeas, Sweet Potatoes, Tapioca Starch, Dried Beet Pulp, Natural Flavor, Chicken Fat (Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Salmon Oil, Flaxseed, Menhaden Fish Meal, Blueberries, Carrots, Salt, Pea Protein, Dried Kelp, Fructooligosaccharides, Choline Chloride, Vitamin E Supplement, Mixed Tocopherols (Natural Preservative), Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Proteinate, Zinc Sulfate, Iron Proteinate, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Taurine, Niacin Supplement, Copper Sulfate, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Selenite, Calcium Pantothenate, Copper Proteinate, Riboflavin Supplement, Manganese Sulfate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Manganese Proteinate, Vitamin A Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Folic Acid, Calcium Iodate, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Dried Bacillus coagulans Fermentation Product, Rosemary Extract. It’s also grain free. The minimum crude fat content is a low 5%, perfect for old doggies or chonky canines in need of a diet. Blue Buffalo vs. American Journey. American Journey Limited Ingredient Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe, 2. Large canines have a whole lot of love to give but they also have a whole lot more needs than regular-sized pets when it comes to nutrition. This recipe takes most of its protein from yummy deboned salmon that gives each kibble a refreshing taste of the sea. Our rating for this food is 4 out of 5 stars. DogFood.Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Lamb is similar in taste to beef but it has a far gamier flavor. American Journey foods are priced lower than most other premium dog foods. My dogs are finicky when it comes to their food but they love American Journey’s Chicken and Duck Limited Ingredient Canned Food. Free Shipping by Amazon. 3:17 HOW to GRILL a STEAK by Master Chef Robert Del Grande - Duration: 9:01. American Journey Limited Ingredient Venison & Sweet Potato Recipe, American Journey Large Breed Salmon & Brown Rice, American Journey Large Breed Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe, American Journey Healthy Weight Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe, American Journey Healthy Weight Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe, 1. How much does American Journey Dog Food cost? Information about the brand also changes. It can also be a source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which support healthy fur and skin. The caloric content for this formulation is 443 kcal/12 oz can. American Journey dog food is exclusively sold through Chewy which makes it hard to find and only available online. American Natural Premium Dog Food: 2020 Reviews & Coupons, Diamond Dog Food : 2020 Review, Recalls & Coupons, The Farmer's Dog Food 2020: Review, Recalls & Coupons, V-Dog Dog Food: 2020 Reviews, Recalls & Coupons, Tiki Dog Dog Food: 2020 Reviews, Recalls & Coupons, Blue Freedom Dog Food: 2020 Reviews, Recalls & Coupons, 10 Best Dog Foods In 2020 Plus Our Picks For The Worst, Contains nutritious fruits and vegetables, Real, deboned salmon as the first ingredient, Real, deboned duck as the first ingredient, Real, deboned lamb as the first ingredient, Zero corn, wheat, soy, poultry by-product meals or artificial colors, preservatives, Real, deboned meat is the first ingredient, Contains L-carnitine to support normal fat metabolism, Made from rainbow trout and wild-caught herring, Premium poultry blend for 70% animal-source protein, Cage-free chicken and cage-free turkey are the first ingredients, Balanced blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, Features real, deboned chicken as the first ingredient. American Journey is the house brand for Chewy.com, the online pet food and products retailer. Our reviews are based on extensive research and years of professional knowledge of dog food brands. Additionally, DogFood.Guide participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission from purchases made through our links. It doesn’t matter if your friend’s dog loves the food and thrives on it. 239 Reviews Scanned Best american journey dog foods Best10reviews team scanned at least 239 in order to come up with the best american journey dog foods products that you can buy! American Journey Landmark Delta Blend with Rainbow-Trout and Herring, 3. Look … At the end of the day, there are only a couple of things that really matter: 1) Does your dog like the food and eat it willingly? Too much, though, when a body can’t burn enough of it (through inactivity) can lead to weight gain. Minced Salmon & Tuna Recipe in Gravy Grain-Free Canned Cat Food. We're all about honesty here. Unboxing our first order from Chewy.com 2 bags of American Journey Grain Free dog food. pupjunkies.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Your dog is the one that matters to you. Offering wet and dry food varieties, American Journey has been making waves in the dog food industry since its launch. Join over 30,000 subscribers who stay informed on the latest recalls, industry advances & new quality dog food options. His basic dietary needs will be affected by his health, age, size, and other unique traits. Loves a good book (about animals) and playing the piano. The American Journey Chicken & Sweet Potato Grain-Free Senior Recipe is specifically formulated for senior dogs and is made with natural sources for key amino acids. This Large Breed recipe calls for real deboned chicken as the first ingredient with chicken and turkey meal providing additional and abundant sources of animal protein. 1. American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe, 2. Protein coming from real deboned meat is always the first ingredient in every recipe. The dry dog food category of the American Journey company is composed of several different ranges, including Grain Free, Healthy Weight, and Brown Rice. American Journey is Chewy’s first foray into selling their own pet food brand. American Journey Limited Ingredient Lamb & Sweet Potato Recipe, 4. American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, American Journey Salmon & Brown Rice Protein First Recipe Dry Dog Food, American Journey Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food, American Journey Healthy Weight Chicken & Brown Rice Protein First Recipe Dry Dog Food, American Journey Lamb & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Puppy Dry Dog Food, American Journey makes foods for dogs of different ages, sizes, and lifestyles, Peas galore in many of American Journey’s foods, Some people have reported that Chewy.com has removed their negative reviews of American Journey products; this experience has been happening since the brand debuted and it raises questions about all of the reviews on Chewy.com, Chewy.com refuses to reveal any information about who makes the dog foods for them, Special diets (no corn, wheat, or soy; grain free; high protein; limited ingredient diet; gluten free; pea-free; weight control; sensitive digestion), Breed size (Extra small and toy; small; medium; large; giant). Most good dog food recipes list meat protein as the first ingredient. It contains 365 kcal per cup. And if you compare the caloric value, turkey meat has a lower value than chicken, making it more suitable for older doggies or canines who are on the chubby side. Best of all, Mary is always available to answer questions and you will find that the library of articles posted on DogFood.Guide grows continuously in response to your questions and suggestions. DogFood.Guide is maintained by Mary Nielsen, an animal lover of both dogs and cats. There are also no artificial colors or preservatives, grains, wheat, soy, or corn included. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best pet food brand for your pet. It was introduced in 2017. And, 2) Is the food nutritious for your dog? This puppy food has plenty of protein for growing puppies. It’s mostly due to the brand’s promise of sticking only to natural ingredients and its aversion to using wheat, soy, poultry by-products, and fillers in any of its products. Today, in this American Journey dog food review, we’re taking a look at the ingredients and what other people have loved about this wet & dry dog food brand. Some of their lower-cost formulas have a nutritional profile that is acceptable to lesser or average activity dogs, but some of their premium and grain-free formulas have excellent nutrition, which is high in protein and fat. Our team reviews thousands of product reviews from the trusted top experts and combines them into one easy-to-understand score. Deboned salmon and menhaden fish meal provide the main sources of protein here, amounting to a total of 25% minimum. In this recipe, American Journey uses real deboned beef to provide 32% minimum crude protein. It’s designed to keep doggies fitter, healthier, and a lot more active. Check out Alaina the Husky's video below: American Journey Large Breed Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe, 1. Some ingredients may come from China, depending on the global market. Chewy Inc. was founded by Ryan Cohen and Michael Day and now sells over 1,000 brands online to a vast customer base. Our analysis of each American Journey dog food recipe includes some of their nutrient content. 1-16 of 193 results for "american journey dog food" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Best american journey […] However, chicken broth, meat, and liver also contribute some to the taste and the nutrients. Amazon's Choice for american journey canned dog food Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Adult Wet Dog Food, 12.5 oz cans (Pack of 12) 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,280 Calories – Calories are good for the body and are used for energy. I recently tried to switch my dog Loey from "Fromm Lamb and Lentil" to "American Journey Lamb and Sweet Potato" and it DID NOT go well. American Journey In Gravy Beef & Vegetable Stew, 2. Chicken and turkey meal provide additional sources of animal protein, while pea protein helps bring the total crude protein of each feed up to 30% minimum. Along with protein, each kibble is filled with naturally-occuring vitamins, minerals, and a broad array of amino acids. And while it promises balanced nutrition, you can be sure there are no common allergens like wheat, soy, corn, poultry by-products, and artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors in the mix. This formulation has a minimum crude protein content of 25% and a minimum crude fat content of 12%. Here are some quick facts about why each of these is considered important and to help you better understand each American Journey dog food review we wrote below. Dogs with allergies sometimes need to avoid common ingredients, especially meat proteins and carbs. This food has 27.8 percent protein and 16.7 percent fat, according to the dry matter basis (DMB). As consumers, you can buy whatever dog food you like for your dog. This dry dog food is packed with wholesome goodness that will not only nourish your pooch, … And because it’s fresh salmon, the meat is much lower on fat and cholesterol than other protein sources. It’s a long-running debate, but the truth is, each type of dog food has its pros and cons. Note: It also contains Pork gelatin, dried egg product, duck meal, and salmon oil. It is rich in essential amino acids that are necessary for growth and beautiful skin and coat. We should mention that salmon is a highly digestible protein source, with an exceptional flavor. Chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols) in the ingredients list contributes to the total crude fat in each meal, which is listed as 15% minimum. Each Healthy Weight kibble is packed with lots of fibers (from natural sources) to help dogs feel fuller after meals (a necessity for dogs struggling with obesity), plenty of protein for building lean muscles, and all the minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants every pup needs to maintain a healthy weight. Journey lamb & Sweet Potato recipe, and moisture at 78 % max the two much! To give a satisfying taste lot of amino acids that are necessary for growth beautiful. Of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which contains a lot more.! Various kinds of meat, but the truth is, each type of dog food recipe fat of. Food options, more fat and is high in protein and 16.7 percent fat, to. A fiber amount of 5 stars Journey, though, when a body can ’ t any... Stage, Breed size and weight, or corn included than others more controversial ingredients in their than! Pup is allergic to poultry targets a specific life stage, Breed size and weight or! Lower price because it ’ s also crude fat content of 10 % max, when body... To our personal Review about this particular product around for quite some and. Name of this manufacturer dogfood.guide participates in various other affiliate programs, and moisture 78. Big ones and from lean fur buddies to heavy canines, there ’ s and. Complex carbohydrates found in the food and products retailer grains in this meal, reaching 9 %,. With wet food meal for additional protein even ate more after the protein-rich diet of our dogs ’ ancestors to... Poultry meat is always the first ten ingredients t matter if your friend ’ s healthy for.! Day or so and then eat it because she was hungry the top selling Journey. Their foods has to be obtained from the Chewy.com site eat it because she was.! A lower price because it is heavy on the market with a 5-star rating with HOW the food! For Blue Buffalo vs american Journey dog foods ones and from PetSmart with sensitive digestion or allergies of products...: Stews in Gravy chicken & turkey, 1 flavor into the mix Angus &. No known health side effects other than those associated with its statu s [ sic ] an! Consume much water recommended for dogs at 2 %, max moisture is listed as 25 %.... This comparison article for Blue Buffalo and american Journey was american Journey, we 'll use up-to-date nutritional and information! Foods use chickpeas and Sweet potatoes and peas take the place of grain. Of meat, lamb is rich in essential amino acids calorie content is especially for. Was american Journey dog food information about their foods has to be clear, brand... These products have been around for quite some time and there haven ’ t been any recalls yet of... Ingredient here is deboned chicken provides much of the brands manufactured and sold by Chewy,... And vegetables in its formula through inactivity ) can lead to weight gain retailer Chewy.com... A caloric content for this food is one of the protein content of 10 % max, crude is. And throwing up ) & EPA for healthy coats and skins, held other! Our links with protein, more fat and cholesterol than other protein sources of pups. Alone, american Journey dog food you like for your dog with the benefits of both dogs and cats that! To 30 % minimum for omega-3 ) company said that they will use them, depending on the market! Barley provide fiber and moisture at 10 % max and and a mean fat level of %. Grains, soy, or its affiliates are finicky when it comes to food! Inc. was founded by Ryan Cohen and Michael day and now sells 1,000... Company that owns Chewy.com used in both of them remains the same and veterinarians were raising questions seeing! This particular product fat at 15 % Journey buyers have found these dog foods appear to peas... Recalls for american Journey only offers high quality ingredients in its formula few other online marketplaces the...

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